Concept Art

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Cedany, citizen of a feudal society whose primary population centers are suspended from a network of orbiting satellites. Part of a women-only unit who use cybernetically integrated flight armor
Three stages in the life of the immortal space pirate, Captain Bloody Jack Hacke. Character owned by Frank Raisbeck (stage 2 based on his design), stages and art by me.

Tali'Zorah study (from Mass Effect, character and title copyright of Bioware)
Goblin King turnarounds and equipment concepts commissioned by Creative Kingdoms for MagiQuest 2.0. Needed to be "action figure" style, with chunky, clean-cut shapes.

Down the pipeline, art director decided to tweak this bruiser's nose, ears, and equipment to be a more traditional "ugly" goblin villain, which can be seen in the final game.

The Behemoth, an immense vanity project mining vehicle used for personnel transport, ore haulage, and power generation. Exploratory designs may be found here and on my prelims page. 
Taes Blackhand, an elder the subterranean branch of goblin society. "Blackhand" from a lifetime of handling venomous spiders. Development sketches of him are also here.

A selection of my favorite equippable relics from the MagiQuest: Rise of the Totem Masters project.